How do you protect your car from a hail damage?

You are driving, and you hear on the radio or see that the storm is fast approaching, with large hail in it. Here are some simple ways to prevent auto hail damage.

Large Structures

Do you see large buildings nearby? Try to ascertain what direction the storm approaches from and get your vehicle parked on the opposite side of any large building. The idea here is to use the building as cover to cushion the effect of the storm on your car. If the storm comes with very strong winds, your car may get adequate cover and stay protected. When the storm is active it could change wind direction very quickly, at that point large structure may not be very useful. The most important is for you to be safe, your car can always be repaired.

Blankets and Covers

Some people use old blankets, mattresses or floor mats to cover their car. Dentpicks advises you do NOT do that. We have seen numerous times people doing that, they get blasted by hail themselves and not really protecting the car from hail damage. Usually someone is trying to make a video of someone doing that. Youtube has plenty of them!

To avoid damage, material would have to be very absorbent so it could reduce the impact of hail stone before it touches vehicle surface. Who really wants to run out with a mattress and cover their car in the first place? Last year we saw that happen, someone covered just the roof of the car, but at the same time that person was pounded pretty good with hail. Hail stones can get very large in size, so you have to make sure that you are under the cover yourself. Best way to do that is to sit tight in the car and wait for the storm to pass. They do not take too long most of the time, usually few minutes.

Covered Parking Spaces

It is wise to always be on the lookout for public spaces that have covered parking spaces. Check shopping mall garages for cars to park. In the event that you cannot make it to a covered parking space in time, try to locate other forms of shelters such as canopies at a gas station.

Make sure to use precautions in the event of the storm because winds can reach very high speeds. That makes it dangerous to use safety spot under overpass. Visibility most likely will be very bad, you might put yourself in danger by not being visible to other vehicles on the road.

Use Your Phone

Check the weather before leaving your house. It can save you a lot of time and money if you avoid getting caught in a hail storm. Especially here in DFW Metroplex area we get them every year starting in spring and ending early summer.

Got Caught In Hailstorm, Now What?

Here at Dentpicks, we handle from insurance process to delivering your car back in original condition with no hassle to you.

1. Contact your insurance provider to report hail damage and file a claim.

2. Obtain an estimate either from insurance or local dent repair shop.

3. Schedule an appointment with trusted local company.

4. Drop off for repairs.

5. Check repairs before signing off.

6. Ask for written warranty.

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