You are stuck in traffic and it is starting to look gloomy outside. You check your phone and it says it will only rain. You turn up the local news station and now you hear that there is a thirty percent chance for hail.  You take the next exit and see that the storm is fast approaching.  It starts small but then it starts to hail and big!  Quarter size hail stones.  Oh no, not again! Your car is about to get hail damage.  You may not be able avoid the storm completely but here are some simple ways to prevent auto hail damage.

Covered Parking

If visible be on the lookout for public spaces that have covered parking spaces. Shopping mall garages are ideal for parking. But in the event that you cannot make it there due to distance or time, try to locate other forms of shelters such as canopies at a nearby gas station.

Drivers tend to stop and park under an overpass. Now it can be dangerous to park under an overpass as a safety spot.  For one the storm winds can reach very high speeds and it is felt more under an overpass. Secondly visibility most likely will be terrible. So parking under the overpass may put yourself and other drivers in danger on the road because you won’t be seen.

There is no covered parking and you skipped the overpass. How else could you protect your car?

Large Structures

Well look around.  Do you see large buildings or structures nearby?  Try to determine from which direction the storm is approaching.  Now park your vehicle on the opposite side of any large building. The idea here is to use the building as a cover to cushion the effect of the storm on your car.  Even if the storm comes with very strong winds your car should get enough cover to stay protected.  Keep in mind when a storm is active it could change wind direction very quickly so at that point the large structure may not be very useful.  The most important thing now is for you to stay safe and wait out the storm. 

Blankets and Covers

Then you might have realized you have a huge blanket in the trunk from the picnic you had last weekend.  So you stop the car and run outside to try to cover the car.  Dentpicks highly advises you do NOT do that.  We have seen numerous people trying to shelter their car during an active storm.  Those people end up getting blasted by hail themselves and don’t actually protect the car from hail damage. Plus someone from another car is most likely recording the whole scene.  Look it up on Youtube, there is plenty of examples.  Instead use that blanket for yourself and cover up inside the car.  Hail stones can get very large in size, so sit tight in the car and wait for the storm to pass. It does not take too long most of the time, usually only a few minutes.

Well you did your best to try to protect your car from the storm and you still got hail damage. What is next you may be wondering?

Hail Damage, Now What?

Here at Dentpicks , we handle from insurance process to delivering your car back in original condition with no hassle to you.

  1. Contact your insurance provider to report hail damage and file a claim.
  2. Obtain an estimate either from insurance or local dent repair shop.
  3. Schedule an appointment with trusted local company.
  4. Drop off for repairs.
  5. Check repairs before signing off.
  6. Ask for written warranty.


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