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Determining Whether to Get Your Car’s Dent Repaired

Ending up with dents is an unfortunate part of driving a car, and it’s not always your fault. According to Value Penguin, a financial research organization, 59% of American drivers say their car has been dented by someone else while it was parked. If your car was dented, then here are some factors to consider if you’re on the fence about seeking auto dent repair.



The first thing to consider when it comes to auto maintenance is your safety. Large dents are more apparent, and it’s easy to understand how those could be an issue, but even a small dent can be a serious cause for concern. Dents can mask underlying structural damage in your vehicle or make the damage look less significant than it really is. Furthermore, underlying damage can make your vehicle less stable and more susceptible to accidents.



Since dents can damage the paint and protective coating on the exterior of your car, they can make your car more susceptible to rust. Rust isn’t just a cosmetic issue — it can cause major problems and even lead to cracks and holes in the exterior of your car. If you want to prevent rust, fixing dents is a good idea.


Paint Damage

You might think the initial paint damage is the only effect that a dent has on your car, but it goes deeper than that. Since dents expose the more vulnerable layers of your exterior, they can actually cause more paint damage if you don’t get them fixed quickly. Avoiding auto dent repair can cost you even more if you have to paint your car in the long run.


Resale Value

If you’re thinking about selling your car in the near future, investing in dent repair is a smart choice. Cars with dents sell for a lot less than pristine cars, even if that dent only costs a few hundred bucks to fix. Getting dents fixed before you sell can help you maximize resale value.

The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money fixing a dent in your car, but even small dents can lead to major problems. If you have a dent and you’re on the fence about paying for auto dent repair, call DentPicks to schedule service and get your dents and dings fixed today.

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