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About DentPicks
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About Dent Picks

DentPicks is a one-stop shop that provides the best level of dent repair service for your vehicle. We are dedicated to serving you with our exceptional professionalism and skills.

Branches, hail, shopping carts, and other automobiles are all hazards that your car faces. You’re likely to get a dent on your car at some point, whether it’s on a regular sedan, work truck or luxury vehicle, we got you covered. When your vehicle isn’t looking its best, it’s a problem you’ll notice each time before you get behind the wheel. It’s an issue with one of your most valuable assets.

DentPicks specializes in swiftly, effectively, and economically resolving this problem. We are confident in our ability to restore the beauty of your car’s body, all without having to deal with the delay, inconvenience, and exorbitant prices of a full-service body shop — nor the wait or stress. All you have to really do is file an insurance claim for hail damage and we handle the rest.

Why Choose DentPicks?

  • We are experienced in the industry: For more than a decade, DentPicks has been restoring hail-damaged vehicles across the country, and even around the world. We had the good fortune to open our site in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, in 2018. DentPicks was formed with the goal of developing a team of people who are dedicated to providing high-quality repairs.
  • We put a premium on quality: We believe in repairing vehicles the correct way. There are no binding agents, chemical fillers, or corrosives used in dent repair; instead, a qualified technician uses specialized equipment to mend the dent, which is better for your vehicle and your budget.
  • We are the best at what we do: We are bilingual and experts in local hail repair and prevention. Our earth-friendly paintless approach will quickly and easily fix ugly dents in your car. Our technicians combine art and science to restore your car to a factory-like shape, or better. We’ve also mastered the art of repairing door dings, and this service will soon be limited to existing customers or referrals only to maintain top-of-the-line, unrivaled quality repair procedures across the board.
  • We have highly trained dent repair professionals: DentPicks is a crew of dent repair experts dedicated solely to providing our customers with the finest quality and safest repairs possible. We accomplish this by investing in each of our employees by providing them with the most up-to-date training and equipment available in the business.
  • We only use cutting-edge tools and equipment: Many of those bothersome and ugly dents and dings may be removed with the right equipment and skills. Our skilled technicians utilize highly sophisticated equipment and their expertise to physically force the ding or dent out of the metal’s backside. Our specialists also use special lights or optical reflectors to aid them in finding the damage and evaluating the repair progress. Other approaches and tools may also be used to push the dent out of the surface carefully.

We’re eager to innovate and set the bar for this industry in terms of being transparent, honest, and ethical. DentPicks will provide your car the best paintless dent repair service available, truly unsurpassed in every way, and a lifetime warranty with no fine print to top it all off.

Our Services

DentPicks is a one-stop-shop for your Hail Repair and Dent Removal needs. Visit our dent repair center located in Plano, Texas.

PDRology (Paintless Dent Repair)

The paintless eco-friendly method that repairs your unsightly dents with ease. Involving art and science into the equation, PDRologists use metal rods to massage your car to get it back to factory-like condition or better.

Ding Repairs

No ding to big or too small, our expert technicians can fix it all. From the tiniest fracture to the largest ones, expect a full restoration to your vehicle.

Hail Damage Repairs

Dents by Hail spheres are an extreme phenomenon in Texas. With our state-of-the-art service, you’ll be on the road in no time!


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Need a Quote or Call Back?