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How Amazing is PDRology?

How Amazing is PDRology?

How Amazing is PDRology? 5 Takeaways that will Wow Even Your Car

Car enthusiasts do it the right way. Experts have adapted the way of treating dents and produced a distinct process to bring back what was lost. Remove that frustrating nuisance with a 100% dent-free guarantee along with a fresh look in your car. Ride your car and feel the satisfaction of its original shape.

I know how you feel. To have that small ticks in your ride right now. It’s sooo frustrating!


You’ll have to watch them grow from a tiny dot to a large smudge.

That my friend,

Will keep you up all night.

And, you will have to worry about [x amount] of money you will waste just to get rid of this little nuisance.

Such problems would not be a worry if you knew where to go.

All confusion…

All waiting…

Using state-of-the-art massages with metal rods keeps that unsightly dents from doors banging your doors troubling with any solution.

Here are 5 Takeaways showing how great Paintless Dent Removal or PDRology in our vocabulary is:

  1. No need to repaint your precious vehicle
    -With paintless dent removal, you won’t need to repaint your automobile which makes your warranty valid.
  2. The integrity of your vehicle is safe
    -Using special gadgets and tools will not only keep the factory conditions of your car but it would not cause any more additional structural damage to its shape.
  3. PDRology is great for vintage cars
    -Antique cars should be handled with care due to the focus of longevity. That is why the sole focus is to maintain the paint and the original color of the car.
  4. Time efficiency is the number one power of PDRology
    -It only takes a few hours to fix large dents using our method. If it is just a small one, you can even wait at our shop until the repairs are done. This is why most car enthusiasts love PDRology to their vehicles.
  5. Cheaper than traditional removals
    -When doing traditional removals, it takes $70 to $120 for one dent and multiple dents from a professional painter, hail events can cost you $1000 to $2000 which is disheartening. PDRology usually cost $100 to $200 on an average with our method.

All the restoration with the best of your interest…

Keep this information in your mind when you are in dire need of dent repairs. DENTPICKS in Plano is here to give you the only service you need. Contact and get a free consultation

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