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How To Choose The Best Hail Repair Shop In Plano, Texas

In Plano,TX many drivers experience their fair share of hailstorms annually. Hailstorms are very destructive in many ways. They destroy property, vehicles, and cause physical injuries to exposed people. One of the most vulnerable victims of hailstorms in are automobiles. Many vehicles are left outside during a hailstorm and their body structures are not strong enough to withstand the impact of hail.

As such, many vehicles suffer serious bodily damage during a hailstorm. The hail causes dents on the body of the car and can even break the windshield. Hail damage requires professional hail repair services. This is the only way that you will ensure that your vehicle remains in good condition in the city. The first thing that you should do after realizing that your car has suffered hail damage is to look for a good hail repair shop like DentPicks in Plano, TX. Here is how to choose the best hail repair shop in the city. 

Consider The Repair Process

The first and most important thing that you should consider when choosing a hail repair shop is the repair process. There are two main hail repair methods namely the conventional method and paintless hail repair. The two methods vary greatly in terms of application, cost, and even time of execution. It’s highly advisable to go for the paintless dent repair or PDR method. This method offers several advantages including:

  • It’s faster and cheaper
  • It retains the original car paint and body parts
  • It maintains the value and condition of the car
  • It’s minimally invasive
  • It’s eco-friendly 

Consider The Insurance Options 

The other important consideration when choosing a hail repair company is their insurance options. You should first find out the company policy regarding insurance coverage and the amount deductible. At DentPicks, we accept both out-of-pocket payments and insurance payments. We advise all our clients to consult us first so that we can determine whether the repairs will cost less or more than the insurance deductible. 

Consider Their Reputation

Before you take your car to any repair shop in Plano,TX, conduct some background research to determine the quality of their customers as reviewed by their past customers. You can use the internet to see which company offers the best dent repair services. You should also consider the certification, licensing, and insurance of the company. 

Consider Warranty & Cost

It’s always important to think about the cost of your hail repairs. The cost should be reasonable without undermining the quality of the services. That is why warranty and cost go hand-in-hand when you are looking for the best hail repair company. DentPicks offers permanent paintless dent removal (PDR) services including hail repair. 

Consider Discounts And Other Deductibles  

Finally, you should look for shops that offer various discounts and other such financial incentives to repair hail damage. You should also consider whether the company reports to other vehicle history companies to avoid compromising your CARFAX report. 

So if you have hail damage, call us Today for a free estimate!

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