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Myths About PDRology that Needs to be Busted

Dents and Dings are not new at all in the car industry. We always say “protect your loved ones the most” and our car is also a valuable member of the family. It paves the way to create great and amazing memories that all of your relatives and friends will remember. The ways of the PDRologists started way back in the 1950s and it has evolved and adapted new ways of improving your car from frustrating dents and dings without having the trouble of replacing parts or breaking your factory finish.

Here are some myths about PDRology that needs to be busted.

  1. TV bought products have the same results as PDR
    -Commercials on the TV show fast ways to remove dents and dings using some “dent poppers”. But the truth is, they will only show small ones and not the big volcano ones that are giving you headaches right now. This kind of gimmick is missing the right tools and knowledge. A professional will choose a proper rod or an adhesive that is suitable for the dent size, and has years of experience.
  2. Dents and Dings cant be fixed using Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)
    -PDR has been adapted to most automotive body shops and in many cases, PDR is the go-to solution for severe hail damage.The best way to determine if your car or truck can be fixed with PDR is to visit a professional repair center or contact us today. DENTPICKS is open all year round and ready to fix your baby!
  3. All Dent Technicians are the same
    -This is one of the myths that most often people with little to no knowledge can do more damage to your automotive finish.. At DENTPICKS we have fixed thousands of cars & trucks, our experienced technicians says it all!

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