Meet owner and master paintless dent repair technician Vytautas  Kucinskas, who goes by “V” for short. You may be wondering where his complicated  name from.  Vytas was born in the small country of Lithuania, located in the far northeast Europe.  The city he called home for 12 years was Klaipeda which sits on the beautiful Baltic Sea.  But then his parents won the green card lottery. This program is a random drawing of families interested in legally immigrating to the United States from other countries.  And that is when V’s American dream began and he immigrated to the Chicago, Illinois.

At a very young age V had an entrepreneurial mindset and was selling potatoes to local Lithuanians at the Farmers Market every weekend.  Now little did V know that all those years harvesting and selling potatoes in Lithuania would shape his work ethic and set the stage for what was to come in America. V went into business with his mom and started to clean offices around town. But it wasn’t enough for V and with weekends open he started to deliver pizzas to supplement his income.  Continuing with that entrepreneurial spirit at the young age of 16, V successfully opened his first business which specialized in custom tile design.  His dedication and eye for the trade landed him many jobs and soon he started to branch out into custom cabinetry and granite installation.

Everything was running smoothly until the economy crashed in 2009. That was when construction hit an all-time low and work was near to impossible to find.  With little to no work V was open to any opportunity. This is when V was offered an opportunity that he couldn’t pass up. V received a spot in a locally owned paintless dent repair school to learn the sophisticated trade of paintless dent repair.

Although the startup cost was pricey, V decided this is was where he wanted to be.  He took a risk and quickly learned that he had an eye and talent for the paintless dent repair.  V then started to travel the country and parts of the world to start repairing cars after hail storms.  V became a lead technician for his company, which meant when a storm hit, he was almost always first called to repair cars.

In early 2016 a hail storm brought V over to Texas.  With the intention of only staying a couple months to repair cars, V quickly realized that the Dallas & Fort Worth Metroplex is where he wanted to be.  That following month he brought his family over and officially relocated to Dallas.  After traveling, working, and repairing cars in the Dfw Metroplex V scouted out cities and decided to open up Dentpicks Auto Hail Repair in Plano in early of 2018. Plano is not only the city where his business resides but is now the place he calls home.

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