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Paintless Hail Repair In Texas

Why You Should Go For Paintless Hail Repair In Texas

Advantages Of Paintless Hail Repair In Texas

Texas has many cities with many vehicles on the road. These cars suffer all kinds of damages with time including dents, dings, crashes, and many other minor and major damages. One of the most common and extreme vehicle damages in Texas is hail damage. Hail spheres can cause serious damage to the trunk, roof, hood, and even windshield of your vehicle. There is little that you can do to protect your car from hail damage when it’s outdoors. The only solution is to have it repaired after the hailstorm. There are two main methods of car hail repair in Texas. There is the conventional method that involves removing paint from the affected part, straightening the dent, applying filler, and then painting the car. The other more recommendable method is called paintless hail repair and it falls under the paintless dent repair (PDR) techniques. As the name implies, this method does not involve repainting your car. DentPicks specializes in PDR including paintless hail repair. Here are some of the advantages of paintless hail repair
Auto Hail Repair

Allows Your Car To Retain Its Original Parts And Paint

PDR stands for paintless dent repair or removal. When your car suffers from car damage in the state of Texas, you should always go for PDR. This method is used to remove all the dents that are caused by hail from your car without having to remove or tamper with the original paint or any part of the car. At DentPicks, we massage your car until it gets back to shape. Our highly trained and experienced technicians use metal rods and picks to massage the dent from the inside until it’s gone. We also use glue and specially designed tabs to pull the metal back in place and remove the hail dents. After we are finished with your car, it will be as good as new.
Auto Hail Repair
Hail Damage Paintless Dent Removal Plano, TX

Quick Repair Turnaround Time

The other advantage of using the painless hail repair method is the speed of the process. Your car will be ready in no time. DentPicks uses a quick but effective process of repairing vehicles suffering from hail damage. It includes the following steps:
● Setting up the damaged section
● Removing the damaged parts carefully to avoid more damage to your car
● Massaging and tapping the dents from your car
● Post repair scan to ensure that all dents are gone

Retains The Car’s Original Pre-Storm Condition And Value

PDR ensures that your car retains the regional condition and value that it had before the hailstorm damage. That is why we insist on not repainting your car or using any other ordinary methods of repair. We want your car to retain its original value, form, and condition.

It’s Minimally Invasive

Paintless hail repair is minimally invasive as compared to conventional repair methods. We are simply working carefully to get rid of all the dents that are on your car without inflicting any more damage on the car. 

It’s Eco-Friendly

And last but not least, PDR is very eco-friendly. We do not use paints or any other chemicals that might pollute the environment. We repair hail damage using natural ways without relying on harmful chemicals and paints. 

Auto Hail Repair
Auto Hail Repair

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