Top Quality PDR for Hail Damage on Electric Vehicles in Plano, Texas

Hail storms can cause massive damage to your vehicle. Tiny dents all over can not only look unsightly, but it also is a problem for the value of your vehicle. It is important that you get it fixed as soon as possible whether it is your Tesla, Prius, or any other electric model car. Paintless dent repair (PDR) on hail damage vehicles in Plano at DentPicks can help you do just that. It is vital that you understand the benefits of dent removal and why you should have it done properly by professionals.

Benefits Of PDR Repair

Dents in your vehicle are a huge downside when it comes to resell value or even the value of your vehicle as a whole. Traditional dent removal can be expensive as well as invasive. By working with our team for paintless dent removal, you can keep the value of your vehicle where it should be. 

There are many benefits to this type of repair. One, of course, is that you retain the car’s value. Having a Tesla or other electronic car can be expensive. You do not want to lose any value that you don’t have to. That is why PDR is important. When using paintless dent removal processes, the factory paint job is intact. That means your value is where it should be because repairs have been completed and the factory items are still there. It also means there’s no bondo or chemicals being used so you’re making less of an environmental impact with this type of repair.

Another benefit to PDR for hail repair is that it is less costly and takes less time than traditional dent removal repairs. That means your insurance company is more likely to cover it than they would otherwise. 

Professional Repairs Important

Repairing the hail damage in your electric car isn’t something you should try at home. You shouldn’t let just anyone work on your vehicle either. There are many wires and electric lines running through these makes and models that aren’t on typical non-electric vehicles. You may have removed dents on your own before and that was fine. However, with a Tesla or other electric model, there are high risks. 

There are many lines running through the vehicle that our team understands and knows where they are because they are certified. That is how we can avoid getting shocked or even killed during the repair. These vehicles, while wonderful in conserving energy, are very dangerous to work on when you don’t have the right equipment. That is why it is imperative that you bring your vehicle to our shop to have the dents repaired the safe and proper way.

If you’ve suffered hail damage in Plano, then contact our team today about our hail damage repair services. We can remove the dents in your Tesla, Prius, or other electric vehicle and restore it to as good as new. Contact us today for a free quote. 

How To Choose The Best Hail Repair Shop In Plano, Texas

DentPicks Auto Hail Repair Plano TX

In Plano,TX many drivers experience their fair share of hailstorms annually. Hailstorms are very destructive in many ways. They destroy property, vehicles, and cause physical injuries to exposed people. One of the most vulnerable victims of hailstorms in are automobiles. Many vehicles are left outside during a hailstorm and their body structures are not strong enough to withstand the impact of hail.

As such, many vehicles suffer serious bodily damage during a hailstorm. The hail causes dents on the body of the car and can even break the windshield. Hail damage requires professional hail repair services. This is the only way that you will ensure that your vehicle remains in good condition in the city. The first thing that you should do after realizing that your car has suffered hail damage is to look for a good hail repair shop like DentPicks in Plano, TX. Here is how to choose the best hail repair shop in the city. 

Consider The Repair Process

The first and most important thing that you should consider when choosing a hail repair shop is the repair process. There are two main hail repair methods namely the conventional method and paintless hail repair. The two methods vary greatly in terms of application, cost, and even time of execution. It’s highly advisable to go for the paintless dent repair or PDR method. This method offers several advantages including:

  • It’s faster and cheaper
  • It retains the original car paint and body parts
  • It maintains the value and condition of the car
  • It’s minimally invasive
  • It’s eco-friendly 

Consider The Insurance Options 

The other important consideration when choosing a hail repair company is their insurance options. You should first find out the company policy regarding insurance coverage and the amount deductible. At DentPicks, we accept both out-of-pocket payments and insurance payments. We advise all our clients to consult us first so that we can determine whether the repairs will cost less or more than the insurance deductible. 

Consider Their Reputation

Before you take your car to any repair shop in Plano,TX, conduct some background research to determine the quality of their customers as reviewed by their past customers. You can use the internet to see which company offers the best dent repair services. You should also consider the certification, licensing, and insurance of the company. 

Consider Warranty & Cost

It’s always important to think about the cost of your hail repairs. The cost should be reasonable without undermining the quality of the services. That is why warranty and cost go hand-in-hand when you are looking for the best hail repair company. DentPicks offers permanent paintless dent removal (PDR) services including hail repair. 

Consider Discounts And Other Deductibles  

Finally, you should look for shops that offer various discounts and other such financial incentives to repair hail damage. You should also consider whether the company reports to other vehicle history companies to avoid compromising your CARFAX report. 

So if you have hail damage, call us Today for a free estimate!

Everything You Need To Know About Insurance And Paintless Hail Repair In Frisco, Texas

Insurance Coverage For Paintless Hail Repair In Frisco, Texas

Frisco, TX has a huge demand for professional auto repair services. This is mainly because this city has so many vehicles. Even though there are many auto repair shops, some are not as reliable or as competent as you might expect. There are many things that you need to think about before taking your car to an auto repair shop in Frisco, TX and these include:

  • Types of auto repair services offered
  • Methods or techniques used to repair vehicles
  • Competence and experience of the auto technicians
  • Certification and licensing
  • Cost of auto repair services
  • Warranty and guarantees
  • Repair turnaround time

These are some loft the professional qualities that you should consider before taking your car  for hail damage repair. The best dent repair companies in the city like DentPicks are on the positive side of all these qualities. We specialize in paintless dent removal or repair, which is commonly called PDR.

We offer paintless hail repair services at fair rates. Our repair turnaround times are amazing. You will be on the road within no time. DentPicks is fully certified and licensed and our technicians are professionally trained and highly experienced. Also, our PDR work is permanent. We guarantee that the paint will not crack, peel, or get discolored after repairs. Some of the questions that people ask about our paintless hail repair services is whether they are covered by insurance.

We get many questions regarding insurance coverage on our service, that is why we have dedicated this article to all these insurance questions regarding our PDR services. It’s important to note that not all auto repair shops operate like ours hence these policies only apply to our shop.  

With Insurance Coverage

One of the most common questions when it comes to paintless hail repair is what happens when you have insurance coverage. Many people wonder whether their auto insurance covers PDR. The answer is yes. The first thing that we do when you bring your damaged vehicle to our auto repair shop at DentPicks is to assess the damage.

We will then get in touch with your insurance company directly and justify the deductible hassle-free. In most cases, the cost of repairs is less than the insurance deductible, which means that you do not have to pay us a dime for your paintless hail repair.  

Without Insurance Coverage 

Another common question is what happens if you do not have insurance coverage. There is no problem there. You can pay out of your pocket for your repair, although the cost can be relatively high depending on the extent of the damage. But we will work with your vehicle to get it repaired. 

Paying Out Of Your Pocket 

And lastly, some customers ask us whether they can pay out of their pockets and keep the insurance money. The problem here is that in most cases, the cost of repairs will be higher than the amount you get from the insurance company due to poor estimation. It’s better to let us assess the damages and estimate the cost of your hail repair. So give DentPicks a call today for a free quote. 

Conventional vs. PDR Hail Repair In Allen, Texas

Hail Damage Paintless Dent Removal Plano, TX

Choosing The Best Hail Repair Method In Allen, Texas

Allen, Texas has many car repair shops that use all types of methods and techniques to repair cars, especially when it comes to dents and ding repair. Most car repair companies in the city use the conventional method to remove dents, creases, dings, and hail dents from damaged cars. This poses a problem for people who are affected by hail damage. Why? 

For one, many car owners prefer paintless dent removal or PDR over traditional or conventional auto body shops because it offers more advantages. Some people go for the conventional hail repair techniques because they are not aware of the benefits of using PDR to remove hail dents from the car. That is why we are going to compare the two main methods of hail repair in this article. 

Conventional Hail Repair

Conventional hail repair is actually a blanket term referring to various methods and techniques that are regularly or traditionally used to remove dents, dings, and creases from the body of the car. It includes several processes that start with the removal of the paint from the damaged or dented surface.

The dented surface is then pounded and pulled back into place and filler applied if need be. The surface is then prepared for painting. Its sanded, primed, painted and then a final layer of protective paint applied. As you can see, this method is rather time-consuming and quite expensive.

These are some of the disadvantages of using conventional dent or hail repair methods. Another major disadvantage is that it requires the use of paints and other potentially harmful and polluting chemicals. One advantage of using conventional methods to repair hail damage is that it works out well with large or major dents, or dents that are cannot be fixed with PDR.

Paintless Hail Repair

The PDR method that is highly recommended in the automotive industry is paintless hail repair. DentPicks uses only this method to repair hail damage. This PDR technique does not involve the use of paints or any other chemicals to repair the hail damage.

The dented surface is massaged and pulled back into place carefully using specialized tools and equipment. The success of paintless dent repair mainly depends on the skills of the certified technician. The advantages of PDR include quick car repair time, retaining the original car paint and body parts, and being environmentally friendly. 

The Best Option

You must be wondering which is the best hail repair method to use in Allen, TX. The answer to this question is quite simple. You just have to compare the pros and cons of these two methods.

  • PDR is faster than the conventional hail repair method
  • PDR is cheaper than the traditional hail repair method
  • PDR does not use paints or any chemicals that can pollute the environment
  • PDR retains the original paint and body parts of the car
  • PDR retains the original value and condition of the car

As you can see, it’s quite clear that you should visit DentPicks for a paintless hail repair job. That being said, you should also know that PDR has some restrictions especially if the dents are too large or in inaccessible areas. If you’re unsure on whether your car is a good candidate for PDR, contact us for a FREE quote today!